Investment Management Philosophy

Independence & Client Focus

The only compensation we receive is from our clients. We avoid any conflicts of interest since they could impair our investing. Miller works to ensure that our clients understand their asset allocation, the composition of holdings, portfolio performance and related expenses at all times.

Performance with Liquidity

Miller aims to generate exceptional performance through asset allocation without sacrificing liquidity. Although we invest with a long time horizon, we do not invest in illiquid securities. We focus on always being flexible and able to provide our clients with liquidity.

Top-Down, Thematic Approach

Miller works to invest in undervalued asset classes and avoid overvalued asset classes. We are not locked into rigid allocations. Quite often contrarian, we are willing to commit to unpopular, undervalued investments if we believe their fundamental value will be confirmed over the long-term. We are committed to providing superior long-term returns managing balanced global, multi-asset class investment portfolios.


We never lose sight of the benefits of risk mitigation through diversification. Although making significant investments in our best ideas is crucial for generating returns, we always have maintained a diverse allocation among many asset classes.

Varied Investment Perspectives

Miller benefits from a structured interaction among the members of the Investment Strategy Committee and Portfolio Management Committee. Investment ideas are carefully vetted through a process which incorporates the diverse range of investment backgrounds and philosophies within our firm. This process of rigorous debate and multi-faceted analysis ensures that only the strongest investment ideas survive.

Optimization of Expenses and Taxes

Miller identifies and optimizes the expenses incurred in managing and administering client portfolios. We also focus on minimizing negative tax impacts for taxable client portfolios.